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Editorial-Influenza under close surveillance

A large outbreak of influenza-like illness occurred in Madagascar during July–August 2002. The very sharp increase in the number of cases over a short period of time led health authorities to suspect the appearance of a particularly virulent new influenza virus strain. This triggered immediate international reaction, and a WHO international team assisted local health […]

Outbreak of influenza, Madagascar, July-August 2002

On behalf of the WHO-GOARN investigation team* Preliminary investigation found that a large outbreak of influenza-like illness occurred in Madagascar during July–August 2002, with 30 304 cases and 754 deaths reported. Most cases were reported from the highland regions of Fianarantsoa Province, in centre Madagascar. The majority of the cases lived in rural areas, and […]

Surveillance of influenza in the North-West Region of England 2001-02

CM Regan1, W Sopwith1, M Ashton1, Q Syed1, M Painter2, K Mutton3, K Paver3 1 Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre (North West), Chester, United Kingdom 2 Greater Manchester Health Protection Unit, Manchester, United Kingdom 3 Manchester Public Health Laboratory, Withington Hospital, Manchester, United Kingdom A local sentinel network of general practitioners has been established in the […]

Real-time modelling of influenza outbreaks – a linear regression analysis

J.D. Mooney1, E. Holmes2, P. Christie1 1 Scottish Centre for Infection & Environmental Health, Glasgow, United Kingdom 2 University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, United Kingdom Seasonal outbreaks of influenza exert a considerable burden on health services, and are notorious for their variability from year to year. Making use of historical data from the Scottish sentinelle surveillance […]

Spanish flu epidemic in 1918 in Geneva, Switzerland

C.E. Ammon Chronic Diseases Teaching Unit, University Hospital, Internal Medicine Service, Geneva, Swizerland In Geneva, Switzerland, the Spanish flu epidemic affected more than 50% of the population. The mortality was higher among those aged between 20–49 years and among men. The socioeconomic impact was very important, as the outbreak led to severe dysfunctions, including in […]

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