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Outbreak of Escherichia coli O157 in Sweden

T. Ziese, MD, Y. Anderson, B. de Jong, S. Löfdahl, PhD, M. Ramberg Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control, Department of Epidemiology, Stockholm, Sweden. Escherichia coli O157 infections present in different ways, including mild diarrhoea, severe haemorrhagic colitis, and the haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS). Between 2% and 21% of cases have been observed to develop […]

Surveillance of tuberculosis in Europe

Valérie Schwoebel 1, Hans L. Rieder 2, John M. Watson 2, Mario C. Raviglione 4 for the working group for uniform reporting on tuberculosis cases in Europe 1 European Centre for the Epidemiological Monitoring of AIDS, Saint-Maurice, France 2 International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, Paris, France 3 Public Health Laboratory Service Communicable Disease […]

Increase of syphilis in Finland related to the Russian epidemic

E. Hiltunen­Back1, O. Haikala1, P. Koskela1, Timo Reunala2 1 National Public Health Institute, 2 Helsinki University, Department of Dermatology, Finland In the early 1990s only 30 to 40 new serologically confirmed cases of syphilis were reported annually in Finland. Typical syphilis patients were heterosexual men who acquired the infection abroad. Since 1993, the incidence of […]

Diphtheria’s European come back

M. Rey 1 , O. Patey 2, F. Vincent-Ballereau 3 1 French league for the prevention of infectious diseases, Paris, France, 2 Villeneuve Saint-Georges Hospital , France, 3 School of pharmacy, Nantes, France Since children have been vaccinated routinely, diphtheria has been eliminated in most European states and the recent occurrence of a large epidemic […]

Response to a suspected case of diphtheria in Dordrecht, the Netherlands

J.E. van Steenbergen 1, A. Leentvaar-Kuijpers 1, J.H.C.T. van den Kerkhof 2 1 National Co-ordinating Centre for Outbreak Management (LCI), Rijswijk, the Netherlands 2 District Public Health Service (GGD), Dordrecht, the Netherlands Epidemiological background About 25 000-50 000 refugees seek asylum in the Netherlands each year. After an immediate juridical assessment 85% to 90% of […]

An outbreak of cryptosporidiosis in the Netherlands

I.A. van Asperen 1, T. Mank 2, G.J. Medema 1, C. Stijnen 3, A.S. de Boer 1, J.F. Groot 4, P. Ten Ham 5, J.F. Sluiters 6, M.W. Borgdorff 1 1 National Institute of Public Health and the Environment, The Netherlands 2 General Practitioners Laboratory, Haarlem, The Netherlands 3 Ruwaard van Putten Hospital, Spijkenisse, The […]

SRSV-1 gastroenteritis in Malta – 1995

D. Falzon Department of Public Health, Malta Acknowledgement to the contribution of the health inspectorate at the Department of Public Health, and the support of the Pathology Department (Bacteriology & Virology), St Luke’s Hospital, Malta. Small round structured viruses (SRSV) are known to cause epidemic gastroenteritis in institutions and account for 54% of person to […]

Prevalence of HIV-2 infection in Europe

F. Cazein, F. Hamers, J. Alix, J-B. Brunet European Centre for the Epidemiological Monitoring of AIDS, Saint-Maurice, France With thanks to national coordinators from countries of the WHO European Region. This activity is funded by the Commission of the European Communities (DGV). Objectives The HIV/AIDS pandemic is primarily caused by HIV-1. Another type of virus, […]

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