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Immunisation schedules in the countries of the European Union

N. Guérin*, C. Roure** * Communicable diseases and immunization – Centre International del’Enfance, Paris **Programme Elargi de Vaccination – Bureau Régional de l’OMS pourl’Europe, Copenhague tde WHO Regional Office for Europe organises meetings on immunisationprogrammes for national experts from all countries of tde European Union (EU)and data on tde incidence of diseases and immunisation coverage […]

Salm-Net: a network for human salmonella surveillance in Europe

Fisher Ian, PHLS Communicable Disease Centre, London, England Salm-Netaims to prevent human salmonellosis within the EU by strengtheninginternational laboratory based human salmonella surveillance and creating an on-lineEuropean database of compatible data available to all participants. Salm-Netis funded by DG XII of the European Commission under the BIOMED 1 programme.The network consists of microbiologists and epidemiologists […]

A psittacosis outbreak in Belgian customs officers

Dr Koen de Schrijver, Health Inspector, Antwerp, Belgium. Epidemiologisch bulletin van de Gezondheidinspectie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, 1995, (2) January. In March 1994, health authorities in Antwerp, Belgium, were informed that a member of a team of 15 customs officers had developed psittacosis. The customs officer concerned had been admitted to hospital with pneumonia 10 […]

Hantavirus infections in Finland

lli Vapalahti *, Antii Vaheri *, Heikki Henttonen ** * Helsinki University, Department of virology, Finland ** Finnish Forestry Research Institute Thanks to Dr Pertti Arstila for his information concerning the cases on Puumala virus infection diagnosed in the department of Virology at theUniversity of Turku. Kansanterveys 1995; (5): 9-11 – Finlande Hantaviruses cause haemorrhagic […]

Cholera in the Mediterranean: outbreak in Albania

Introduction In the 1990s, an epidemic of cholera caused by Vibrio cholerae 01 El Tor has spread from northern Pakistan to the Mediterranean. In 1993 sporadic cases of cholera, and epidemic foci, were recorded in many countries of the southern part of Eastern Europe. Cases were also notified in Crimea and Turkey, but only one […]

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