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A European tribune to exchange information
on communicable diseases
The EUROSURVEILLANCE PROJECT is funded by the European Commission with the aim to promote the diffusion and exchange of information on communicable diseases. It includes a monthly publication Eurosurveillance, and a weekly bulletin Eurosurveillance Weekly.

Eurosurveillance (monthly) is a peer-reviewed journal on communicable disease surveillance, prevention and control. It publishes original articles on the epidemiology of communicable diseases, surveillance reports from national and European programmes, comparisons between the national public health policies in Europe, and outbreaks investigation reports. Some articles extracted from national epidemiological bulletins published in EU Member States are also indexed.

Eurosurveillance is published in a print bilingual format (English/French), which is distributed to more than 10000 subscribers throughout Europe. In addition, the bulletin is available in electronic formats atwww.eurosurveillance.org, with an average of 23000 internet users’ sessions per month. Translations in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish are also available at this website. Articles published in Eurosurveillance monthly are indexed by Medline/Index Medicus.

Eurosurveillance Weekly is an electronic bulletin for epidemic alerts, updates, and responses. It publishes news related to infectious diseases, surveillance data as soon as they are published. The Weekly is e-mailed to around 2 000 subscribers. Information published comes from our network of public health centers based in Europe and beyond.

The two editorial teams are hosted by the Institut de veille sanitaire (InVS, Public Health Institute, Saint-Maurtice, France) for Eurosurveillance, and the Public Health Laboratory Service – Communicable disease centre (PHLS-CDSC, London, UK) for Eurosurveillance Weekly. The joint editorial committee includes representatives from the members states of the European Union, plus Norway since 1999 and Estonia since 2001.


Scientific Editors
Noel GillPublic Health Laboratory Service CDSC – United Kingdom

Stefania Salmaso – Istituto Superiore di Sanità – Italia

Henriette de ValkInstitut de Veille Sanitaire – France

Editorial Board
  • Preben Aavitsland – MSIS – rapport – Norway
  • Judite Catarino – Direcção Geral da Saúde – Portugal
  • Karl Ekdahl – Smittskydd – Sweden
  • Germaine Hanquet – ISP Louis Pasteur – Belgium
  • Hilary Heine – Communicable Disease Report – England and Wales
  • Robert Hemmer – NSID, Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg – Luxemburg
  • Afroditi Karaitianou-Velonaki – Ministry of Health and Welfare – Greece
  • Wolfgang Kiehl – Epidemiologisches Bulletin – Germany
  • Kuulo Kutsar – Health Inspection Inspectorate – Estonia
  • Norman Mac Donald – SCIEH Weekly Report – Scotland
  • Juan Fernando Martinez Navarro – Boletín Epidemiológico Semanal – Spain
  • Pekka Nuorti Kansanterveys – Finland
  • Florence Rossollin – Bulletin Epidémiologique Hebdomadaire – France
  • Susanne Samuelson – EPI-NEWS – Denmark
  • Koen de Schrijver – Ministerie Van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap – Belgium
  • Reinhild Strauss – Mitteilungen der Sanitätsverwaltung – Austria
  • Lelia Thornton – Epi-Insight, Ireland
  • Hans Van Vliet – Infectieziekten Bulletin – The Netherlands
Editorial Teams
  • Alain Moren Project Leader, InVS, France

Eurosurveillance (eurosurveillance@invs.sante.fr)

  • Gilles Brucker – Managing Editor – InVS, France
  • Mina Vilayleck – Editor – InVS, France
  • Anneli Goldschmidt – Assistant Editor – InVS, France
  • Farida Mihoub – Assistant Editor – InVS, France

Eurosurveillance Weekly (eurowkly@phls.org.uk)

  • Noel Gill – PHLS-CDSC, London, UK
  • Elizabeth Hoile – Editor – PHLS-CDSC – London, UK
  • Laura Pritchard – Assistant Editor – PHLS-CDSC – London, UK


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